Job Descriptions 

Applications for the following position may be picked up and/or filled out at People Link Staffing

The PCRC is always looking for individuals interested in teaching group fitness classes and making a little extra money.  Instructors must be able to be in front of and lead groups of people in physical activity and exercise, have a national certification in Group Exercise OR be willing to train for position, have a positive, personable personality, ability to motivate and encourage others others, be inwardly motivated & excited about fitness, and have their own exercise plan.  Instructor may teach 1-3 classes a week.  Contact Hannah Weaser @ 825-6909 if interested.


  •  Floor Staff - Responsible for circulating through the facility, member and equipment check-in/out, and general member assistance.  Duties include monitoring of members and guest while in facility and limited general maintenance.  They must be able to perform the physical requirements* of maintenance on the equipment.  All personnel will be required to go through a training course.  This individual will report to the Fitness Coordinator.

  • *Group Fitness Instructors - Group fitness instructors need to have 3 things, high energy, rhythm, and coordination.  These individuals will teach a variety of aerobics classes.  Please see group fitness page for more information on the styles of classes offered.   Both group fitness instructors and personal trainers will have to take a written and practical test, passing by 80% before being looked at for hire.  

  • *Personal Trainers - These individuals will be responsible for conducting training sessions with guests and members to assist them in their fitness goals.  All trainers will be required to obtain a national certification that is accepted by the PCRC.  Trainers will enter into a contract with the PCRC in order to train at our facility.  They will be directly supervised by the Fitness Trainer.   

*Both group fitness instructors and trainers need to go through teh PCRC Training Course which is held on as as needed basis.  Before every course, information will be advertised throughout the RecCenter.  If interested in either position, keep a look out for the next training course. 

  • Lifeguards - This individual will be responsible for the safety of all guests utilizing the swimming facilities at the PCRC.  The qualified candidate will be Red Cross certified in lifeguard training and CPR.  They must be able to perform the physical requirements* of maintenance on the pool equipment.  They will be under the direct supervision of the Aquatics Coordinator.

  • Swim Instructor - This employee must have the appropriate certifications in order to teach individuals and groups of individuals to swim properly.  The schedule for this person would be on a need basis.  Some of the qualifications for this position would be:  Proper certifications, ability to work well with children and adults, good communication skills and patience. 

  • Child Watch - This employee is responsible for watching children ages 6mo. - 12 yrs. old who are in the Child Watch Area.  The safety of the children is first priority.  This person must have the ability to work with children and engage the children in creative children's activities and crafts to pass the time.  Being able to maintain control of several children at once is a likely scenario. (Applications for this position may be picked up at Pryor Creek City Hall)

  • Front Desk - This individual is responsible for checking members into the facility, checking out athletic balls for the gym, answering the phone, being a cashier and inputing information into the member check-in system.  Some of the qualifications for this position are:  good people skills, ability to speak clearly over the phone, ability to work with a computer, ability to handle and count money, ability to communicate well.

  • Janitorial Staff - This employee is responsible for keeping the Recreation Center clean and organized.  Various jobs are cleaning floors, restrooms/locker rooms, dusting and other jobs as necessary.  Some of the qualifications for this position are:  ability to work with chemicals and knowledge of their use and danger to people, organization, good time manegment and ability to work with and around people. 



Revised 08/14/13

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