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Darrell & Gloria Harrington

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Meet Our Staff Members

Bethanie Lemmings – Bethanie has worked for the Rec Center for 3 years.  She is a Pryor High School Graudate dn a High School & Rec Center swim team stand out.  While she initially started as a lifeguard, she has taken it upon herself to learn the front desk, become a child watch employee, and is the Pryor Rec Piranha’s assistant coach.

Jessica O’Dell – Jessica is an 18 year old Senior at Pryor High School.  She is Class President and is Valedictorian for her senior class.  Jessica has also been a PHS wrestling trainer and tennis player.  Jessica says, “I’ve been a lifeguard at PCRC for 2 years and have AWESOME co-workers.  I will be attending OU this fall and plan on majoring in international business.  I am very excited for my future; however; it will be very bittersweet leaving behind everyone I have come to know at PCRC and I my hometown of Pryor.”


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Darrell Harrington – I have been involved in sports all my life – football, basketball, golf and I played college baseball.  I am a retired teacher and coach – 77 years old and I just celebrated my 19th year after quadruple bypass surgery.  Exercise and proper diet are a very important part of this.  My wife and I have been PCRC members since the beginning.  We’re here with the “5 o’clock gang” 5 days a week.  It’s a good way to start the day.


Gloria Harrington – I have always been busy as a mother, coach’s wife, teacher, flight attendant and now as a tour director for Travel Tours.  I firmly believe that being active is very important at any age.  Darrell and I joined PCRC in March of 2006.  We are at the Rec Center at 5 a.m., 5 days a week unless we are “on the road” with my travel job or at the lake.  We celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary on April 5.  Oh, and age?  It’s just a number!


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